Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to break a bone.

I bet you probably never broke anything before. Some people like to show off casts, like showing battle scars from breaking something, and getting their cast signed by anybody that will. I would also bet that you are the person standing there watching and thinking that if you broke something you would be noticed. Well its true. I have step by step on how to break a bone.

The first step is planning. You have to figure out what bone you want to break. I would recommend you break something small like you wrist or you could pop your shoulder out. If you want less pain then soak the part of your body you want to break, it softens the bone and it is easier to break.

You might think that your done, that you can go out and break something but you can't, your not done yet your only on step two. You also have to make it look like a accident. You have to have a witnesses. You have to find out how you want to break said bone. You have to find a good way to get into a situation that would involve you breaking the bone. I would advise you not to tell the witnesses, if your using friends, what you are planning to do. The reason for this is to reduce conflict like them trying to talk you out of it or if they plan on telling someone, like your mom, that would suck.

Step three you have to find a good place to break the bone. You have to find a place that will be the perfect environment for your plan. I would suggest that if you were to use a bike, then find a sandy hill and go down with no brakes. That's what I did and I broke my wrist. (I wasn't trying to.) If you plan on "Accidentally" running into a wall after something, lets say a ball, don't, you could possibly pop your elbow out like I did.(I didn't do it on purpose.) Lets just say that the pain wasn't all hugs and kisses by mom and it goes away.

Step four is the most simple step of them all. Go out and break the bone. You may be thinking that this is the most stupid thing you have ever done and it probably is but that's OK. Just make sure that you can get to the hospital as fast as you can. The longer you wait the more pain.

Now that you have accomplished what you aimed for, you can now show off your cast, show any battle scars, and get the cast signed by anybody that will.

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